Safari Park Open Zoo & Camp
Bo Phloi, Kanchanaburi

With a large area of 500 rai (200 acres), Safari Park Open Zoo is located in Tambon Nongkum, Bophloi district, Kanchanaburi.

It is an open Zoo Safari Park. Formerly, this area was a mine (pit) belonging to the chairman, Mr. Pun-yah  Prasopsookchokemanee. After terminating his business, he wanted to make something social, with love and kindness to animals. So, he needed to establish Safari Park Open Zoo as a green area for learning and environmental education centre and propagate.

The objectives are to provide opportunities for students to study about animals, including to create more job opportunities and better standards of living for the local people.

Now, Safari Park Open Zoo has been open for 14 years and we have an educational project in many areas. Now Safari Park Open Zoo will fill a learning centre  of Kanchanaburi metropolitan area 4.

At the Zoo, they will make it an environmental education centre leading to environmentally sustainable conservation. Tourists will get really close to a wide variety  of animals. Students and tourists can clasp animals affectionately around the neck. The up-close-and- personal encounters with the giraffes make for great photos. We are confident that you have never touched like this before and you will enjoy and feel the atmosphere of excitement in the shows.

Information about Safari Park Open Zoo
Safari Park Open Zoo has 2 projects:

Project 1 – Safari Park Open Zoo divided into 8 zones of animals
Zone 1 Follow Deer (Fancy)
Zone 2 Asiatic Black Bear
Zone 3 Blackbuck
Zone 4 Bengal Tiger
Zone 5 African Lion
Zone 6 Leopard
Zone 7 Chital (Spotted Deer), Follow Deer (White), Emu
Zone 8 Giraffes, Zebras, Llamas, Camels, Ostrichs and Flamingoes.


Tourists will take a mini-bus to inside the park. There are 8 zones. The driver will take you through each section, giving you excellent photo opportunities as well as getting “up close and   personal” with several animals. Tourists can clasp the animals affectionalely around the neck. You can feed the animals directly from the bus as they all come up, or you can feed food from your mouth”. Tourists will enjoy and feel the atmosphere of excitement. Part wild animals, for example Tigers and Lions, will not approach or to harm tourists.

Tourists can drive around inside the park, or take a minibus for free.

Project 2: The shows

  1. Elephant show
  2. Crocodiles wresting show
  3. Macaw arena show

We open daily, you can see more details at page The shows.
In addition, we have a viewpoint to allow tourists to take great photos with animals, for example there is a viewpoint to take great photos with tigers and a viewpoint to take great photos with macaw etc.

The cost of admission tickets

Adult 550 baht
Child 350 baht

Time Open-Close
Open daily, not holidays, from to 5 pm.

Now, Safari Park Open Zoo has an educational project in camping for boyscouts, teaching   ethics and conduct. We have a place in the natural atmosphere the west forest.

Camp for boyscout at Safari Park Open Zoo:
There are 2 Camps.
Camp 1 Camping at viewpoint.
Camp 2 Camping at a Thai style house , at the lake.

You can see more details at page Camp for boyscout


Safari Park Open Zoo & Camp
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