Camp for boyscouts
Camp for boyscouts in Safari Park Open Zoo.
It is a learning and environmental education centre, teaching about the way of life of animals.

The camp is teaching peaceful and wide and has a Thai style wooden house at the beautiful lakeside, and people can relax at the viewpoint.

A thousand boyscouts have a place for camping. Air Conditioned rooms for teaching instructors and directors hold 600 people and have facilities. In addition, we have a place for a campfire, in a wide area suitable for the shows and activities.

There are more than 18 bases at the world of boyscout, and equipment to move around.

The scholar team here is famous and experienced, lead by instructor Anek Um-nuay (L.T.)

Groups of boyscouts will complete their training to a good standard. Safari Park Open Zoo is pleased to allow a group of teaching instructors and boyscouts to travel in Safari Park Open Zoo and the shows for free.

In addition, Safari Park Open Zoo still opens to teach about moral, ethics, and conduct, visual education, etc. Schools that want to take boyscouts camping can contact us to get more information, or can make an appointment to make a survey. We provide staff waiting to welcome visitors who can suggest a place and get information.

To recieve more information, contact Public Relations and Marketing Department.

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